Safety Tips

Safety tips for cyclist:

Down slope, careful!
Check the brakes (front and rear) are properly function before you set off
Use the brakes (first rear brake, then front brake) to moderate the speed when riding down slope
Do not transport passenger
Slow down and stop before traffic junction, check and make sure no car is approaching before crossing the junction.

Be visible on road
Make yourself as visible as possible to the drivers behind you (yet assume some drivers may not see you)
Wear bright colors in the day and retro-reflective material at night
Wear bright color helmet to increase visibility
There are blind spots all around buses and lorries. They may squeeze you to the side without knowing. Do the following to avoid accidents:
– Stay back.
– Keep your distance from long vehicles
– Never pass a vehicle on the left (they may turn left without signaling)
– Avoid stopping too close to the front of a lorry or a bus

Be predictable on road
Make your next move predictable to drivers behind you (yet assume some drivers may not see you)
On the road, keep left, ride in a straight line, away from the gutter, and in a predictable manner.
Ride in a straight line past parked cars, rather than dodge between them, and allow at least a full door’s width between you in case a car door opens suddenly
If the road is too narrow for vehicles to pass you safely, and if the traffic is slow, it is safer to ride in the middle of the lane to prevent dangerous overtaking
Use appropriate hand signals before making a right turn, scan behind before changing your direction
Scan behind and make sure no car before crossing junction, or changing lane
Respect road signs and signals (red lights, one-way streets, stop signs, etc)

At traffic lights/ Junction
Try to wait at least a car distance in front of other vehicles at traffic lights
Watch out vehicles (behind) may turn left at junctions, make eye contact with drivers so you are sure they have seen you
Don’t ride through red traffic lights
Do not wear headphones while cycling

At pavement
– When there is pedestrian in front, slow down and allow plenty of space before overtaking them
– Always look out for pedestrians and gives way to them, particularly at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings

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