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Straits Times, Sunday Time 2012-06-10
TODAY, SUNDAY Special 2012-04-15 The founders of Isuda, a pilot bicycle-sharing project based at one-north, want to take their idea to more places. Mr Francis Chu, 51, and Mr Michael Zhan, 30, are working with tertiary-level students to start similar initiatives on their campuses. They are also in talks with some companies and government agencies to expand their programme to other areas of Singapore.
Bike-sharing schemes allow commuters to get from the train station to their destinations without having to walk or wait for a shuttle bus.
But unlike programmes in London and Paris which have fixed docks, Isuda features moveable docking stations.
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TODAY 2012-04-15
TODAY, SUNDAY Special 2012-04-15 Product designer and avid cyclist Francis Chu has come up with his own innovative twist on the bike sharing system, for his upcoming pilot project at one-north: The docking stations aren’t fixed, but mobile. This tackles one of the problems faced by the London project.
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Zao Bao, 2012-03-15

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Zao Bao, 2011-12-30

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