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SALVATORE March 11, 2013 at 7:44 pm


my name is Salvatore, I am a designer from Turin with twenty years of experience
in the automotive sector.
Recently, in parallel with work, I have developed a folding bike unconventional (the name is oONDA) and I made a prototype.
I have also designed / constructed the welding tool for the production in series.

In summary, the characteristics that differentiate oONDA from bicycles currently marketed are 3:

1- the innovative style and function
2- when it is half-closed, thanks to the handy basket on the front of the bicycle, may be used as a shopping cart, shops, metro, museums, libraries, pubs, office … accordingly, is avoided to leave it unattended and reduces the chance of theft.
3- the bicycle, when closed, do not have to lift , and then is easier to transport

If you want more information on this folding bike, please follow the link where you can find current specifications and images of the model


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