Commute on ISUDA bike, Fast & Easy

Commuting by bike is fun, healthy and green, but not everyone finds it easy:

  • Is there a safe route from home to work?
  • Which bike to get?
  • How to maintain the bike?
  • Will it get stolen?
  • How to store a bike in my apartment?
  • .
    ISUDA BIKE COMMUTE eliminates all these hurdles!
    Simply sign up as a member and you will have access to all the share bikes at all the bike stations. Tap your card and grab a bike, ride to the MRT/BUS station and drop it off.
    No need to store a bike at home or worry about bike theft, no need to maintain your own bike and there is always a safe route to the nearest MRT station, trust me on that!

    Interested to setup BIKE-COMMUTE for your office, condo or shopping mall? Contact us or sign up to our running BIKE COMMUTE @ one-north

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Raymond Ling December 21, 2012 at 2:21 am

Dear Sir,

I wish to try out the bike, may i know where is the place ?


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