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by admin on September 5, 2012

ISUDA Bike Share Competition

I am excited to announce that ISUDA Bike Share is collaborating with James Thomas’s to search for a new design that is optimized for bike share purposes. I am a big fan of the James Blog since I was working in Philips Design. His blog was started in 2005 and is followed by many product designers and students who are interested in bicycle design. has been the place for discussion of design in the bicycle industry too. All types of bicycles (and other human powered machines) are covered, from the latest high-end road and mountain bikes to transportation oriented bikes and unique utilitarian designs. There are also occasional product reviews as well as my thoughts about cycling and bicycle advocacy related issues.

Two years ago organized a bicycle design competition for “commuting” and the response was phenomenal. A lot of interesting ideas were submitted and the quality of critique by the jury and comments from the readers were truly inspirational. When James ask what should the topic for the next design competition, many readers commented they want to see more practical and producible winning design that could have a real impact on transportational cycling. So I proposed to James about a design competition for ISUDA Bike Share. I am glad that he is very open to the idea. Even more exciting, he invited one of my hero designer Mark Sander to be part of the jury. Mark designed a few famous folding bikes including the very popular Strida. On my side I managed to link up with Professor Yap Fook Fah from Nanyang Technology University, Singapore. Prof. Yap designed the Airnmal bicycle when he was studied in UK. Talking to him I notice he is a very humble person but very inspirational. I know some of his students still remember his course, after 20 years!

So what is special about ISUDA bike share that request a different bicycle design? You see, typical bicycle for bike share currently are quite bulky and heavy, it is for riding comfort, durability and to discourage theft. However, heavy bicycle makes transportable of the bicycle very labour intensive and harder to climb slope. The key innovation of ISUDA Bike Share is the idea of using mobile station to facilitate smooth redistribution of the share bikes. Therefore a light weight bicycle will make a lot of sense. Additionally, for durability and ease of maintenance, we encourage designers to look for weather proof and rust proof material, which will also gives a very different take for the design.

Please go to ISUDA Bike Share Design Competition to read more about the design competition.

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