Welcome to ISUDA Bike Share

by Francis on October 26, 2011

ISUDA vision

ISUDA Vision

Welcome to ISUDA bike share at the one-north area. Cycling is our passion and bike sharing is the best way we can share our passion. We believe bike-sharing will trigger a wide range of positive effects to individual and the society.

We have been working with JTC, LTA and N-Park to offer our bike share program to the researchers and professionals in the one-north/ Biopolis area.

Within a city, cycling is the most efficient and fast mode of transport within 3km. It is best for the “first/last mile” connection to public transport. Apart from being clean and eco-friendly, it is well known that cycling is health improving.  But not so many realize that daily cycling can make people 10 years younger (fitness) than their sedentary peer. For those who choose cycling, the most rewarding is a new sense of freedom. Free from finding a packing lot, free from the weekly trip to patrol station, also free from waiting for the shuttle bus, or in traffic jam. And there is the freedom to stop anywhere along your cycling route, to chat with friends, to pick up a news paper or just pause to soak in the sounds and smells of the neighborhood. 10 years later the cyclists will have accumulated rich memory with multi-sensory experience, while the driver likely to accumulate a unused fat and a fading picture of the location.

ISUDA bike share @one-north is our first pilot and we really want to make it a success. We are looking forward to your support!

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