1. ISUDA Pte Ltd (“ISUDA ”) and the User agree that the Agreement will be subject to these Terms and Conditions, which will apply unless expressly varied in writing signed by the authorized representatives of ISUDA and the User.


2. ISUDA will provide Service as requested by the User:

(a) Bike Commute Bike subscription for use of Isuda bicycle during Monday to Friday 6:00am to 11:59pm. Excluding weekend and government gazette public holiday.
(b) Bike Fund Bike subscription for event with its usage duration to be determined by organizer.
(c) Ad Hoc: All services which are not expressly covered in the
categories (a) to (b) above.

3. ISUDA will use its best endeavors to ensure the availability and usability of the bicycle during operation hour.


4. ISUDA will provide the bicycle at designated location(s) as ISUDA may in its discretion decide.


5. The User shall keep its account with ISUDA in good standing at all times and this shall be a condition precedent to ISUDA carrying out the Service.

(a) Full payment is to be made upon confirmation of Agreement before commencement of services. ISUDA reserves the discretion to vary this requirement in light of the User’s good credit standing.
(b) For recurring payments, User shall make payment within fourteen (7) days from date of invoice.
(c) Payment by cheque are to be made payable to ‘ISUDA Pte Ltd’.
(d) In the event that the User’s account is not in good standing, ISUDA reserves the right to refuse continuation of the Subscription Services and to terminate the Agreement.

6. Any overdue sums from the User shall be subject to a late interest charge of 24% per annum.

7. A notice in writing, setting out the indebtedness of the User, duly signed by the authorized representative of ISUDA and sent by Certificate of Posting to the last known address of the User shall be conclusive proof of such indebtedness.

8. In the event that ISUDA takes legal action to recover any overdue sums from the User, all expenses and legal costs shall be borne by the User on an indemnity basis.


9. ISUDA will treat all documents / information / records / data (“Confidential Material”) received from the User in strict confidence and agrees not to disclose or use the Confidential Material for any purpose other than in the course of carrying out the Subscription Services.

Termination and refund

10. Where either party is of the opinion that it will not be in the best interests or benefit to continue the subscription, it may issue a notice in writing to terminate the Agreement (“Notice of Termination”) and the following procedure shall apply:

(a) Return of item issued date (“termination date”)

• Within seven (7) days from the date of the Notice of Termination, The User shall return the necessary item issued during sign up to authorized Isuda’s personnel.
• Where the User does not return the issued item within the seven (7) days period as mentioned above, ISUDA shall have the right to forfeit the deposit collected.

(b) Refund of Balance Subscription Service fee

• Where applicable, ISUDA may refund to the User the unused subscription (prorated up to the termination date and less S$10 administrative fee).
• Any refund shall be paid to the User by cheque within fourteen (14) days from the termination date.

Report of loss equipment

11. User must notify ISUDA on the lost of issued item within seven (7) days in writing.
Email : loss@ISUDA.org
SMS : 811 83 083

The replacement cost of the lost item shall be referring to “Financial responsibility” clause.

ISUDA shall reissue replacement item within seven (7) days upon User’s payment of replacement cost.

Financial Responsibility

12. User accepts full financial responsibility for the equipment that is assigned. If the equipment assigned to User for the duration of User’s subscription period is damaged, lost, or stolen, User is responsible for paying for the full replacement cost of the damaged, lost, or stolen equipment.

Loss of bicycle – $150.00
Loss of pedal – $150.00
Loss of key – $20.00

If User fails to report any damaged, lost, or stolen equipment to the bike share program, User’s security deposit will be partly or fully retained as compensation for the damage or lost.

Liability Waiver

13. User accepts all legal liability with the use of the equipment, any accidents or injuries that may occur, and the safe and lawful operation of the equipment at all times. User assumes all liability for any bodily injury or property damage to User or any other person or organization involving ISUDA’s equipment. User agrees to indemnify ISUDA Pte. Ltd. and its affiliated organizations from possible lawsuit and liability.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

14. The Agreement shall be governed by Singapore Laws and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Singapore.

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