ISUDA Bike Share Design Competition is attracting a fair bit of mentioning in the well know design site Core77 and The AtlanticCities.
One of the entries (Asta Sad) of Isuda bike share design competition host by Bicycle Design

Although the number of design entries is not as many as we anticipated, there are some really interesting and inspiring ideas submitted.
You can take a look at Bicycledesign and vote for you winning entry.


HDB Green Print road show

by admin on October 13, 2012

ISUDA is proud to be the bike share partner to be exhibited in the HDB road show. The “GreenPrint” is an important initiative by HDB to bring sustainable living into existing HDB estates. It covers the Yuhua neighbourhood, consists of 38 blocks and 3194 flats (Blk 209-240 Jurong East Street 21).

Community Engagement (Green community project, Community Garden)

HDB Greenprint road show

HDB residents visit Greenprint road show

The GreenPrint is a multi-pronged approach to facilitate change of behaviour to adopt more eco friendly living. It includes 7 initiatives:

Waste Management (e.g. Pneumatic Refuse Collection System, Save-As-You-Recycle)
Energy Conservation (Solar panels, LED lights, Regeneration Lifte, Fuel Cell)
Save Electricity (Green Home Package, Awareness of electricity consumption of electrical devices)
Water Conservation (Rainwater harvesting system, Water saving awareness)
Green Commute (Bike paths, Share Bike, Car sharing, Secured bicycle park)
Greenery (Green Roof top and Green Wall)

Isuda in HDB Greenprint road show

HDB residents visit Greenprint road show

Bicycle share program is to encourage residents to take up “Green Commuting”. Drive less, cycle more! To support this initiative, there will be one kilometer off-road bicycle path to be complete by 2014. The new bicycle path will be connected to a 22.5 km PCN and intra town cycling path to Taman Jurong and Jurong Lake area. New bicycle parking facilities are to be installed to make parking of bicycle easier and more secure. All of these effort to make it easy for the residents to “Save Time, Save Money and Improve Fitness!”

What do you think about these effort to make cycling easier? We want to hear your opinion about Bike share.

HDB Greenprint launch in TV news:


Animation of the first 5M rides of London Barclays Bike

October 7, 2012

This mesmerizing animation is created by visualisation specialist Jo Wood at City University in London. He based it on data from the first 5 million journeys pedalled in the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme since its launch in July 2010. “[Visual analytics] allow transport planners and organisations such as Transport for London to make better informed [...]

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ISUDA Bike Share Design Competition @

September 5, 2012

I am excited to announce that ISUDA Bike Share is collaborating with James Thomas’s to search for a new design that is optimized for bike share purposes. I am a big fan of the James Blog since I was working in Philips Design. His blog was started in 2005 and is followed by many [...]

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The little Green Dot reports

June 16, 2012

Little Green Dot is a news show produced by seven broadcast journalism students from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, for the United Nations Environmental Programme, Youth Climate Report. The news show investigates what Singapore is doing to help save the environment in the area of transport. Stories include: CNG Taxis, Electric Cars and Isuda Bicycles. . [...]

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Isuda in Straits Times

June 10, 2012

Straits Times, Sunday Time 2012-06-10 The founders of Isuda, a pilot bicycle-sharing project based at one-north, want to take their idea to more places. Mr Francis Chu, 51, and Mr Michael Zhan, 30, are working with tertiary-level students to start similar initiatives on their campuses. They are also in talks with some companies and government [...]

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Could London Boris bike work for Singapore?

April 15, 2012

Could Central London’s 20-month-old bike sharing scheme provide a model for Singapore’s CBD? This is the question posted by Cheow Xinyi, the reporter who traveled to London to check out the Boris bike. “Barclays Cycle Hire is operated and funded by Transport for London (TFL), the body responsible for the city’s public transport system, with [...]

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The RP team at one-north

April 10, 2012

Over the last few, weeks before we sign up our first user, there were a group of young people riding the ISUDA bikes in the one-north area. No, the bikes were not stolen, the youth group is from Republic Poly. Kai Rui and his team from RP is helping to survey the area. They took [...]

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